How To Sell Your House In Connecticut Fast

How Do I Sell My House In North Carolina Fast For Cash?

We Offer Cash For Your House Fast.  Here’s How:

By eliminating the middle person, (agents, banks, inspectors, etc.) and by simply paying cash we can significantly uncomplicate things. We truly make selling your house a breeze. Here is how:

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First We Need A Little Bit Of Information About Your House.

Tell Us A Bit About Your House?

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How Do I Sell My CT House 2

We will meet you and answer any questions you may have. About 20 minutes after the meeting we will have an offer for you.


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You pick a date to close!




Easy As How Do I sell My House In North Carolina Fast T


This explains the steps involved, but what about what goes on behind the scenes?

If you want to fully understand the process, we invite you to read on. This will make you the expert on the topic. We have nothing to hide, and the more you know the easier it will be for you to determine if this is the right choice for you. (It usually is ;))


So You Want To Sell Your House Fast For Cash!

… And Still Want A Fantastic Offer!

Here you are wondering “How do I sell my house fast in North Carolina for cash“, thinking that these NC house buyers will offer you an insultingly low number for your house. Everyone claims to be fair, legitimate, offers in 24 hours. Some even go as far to claim to give you a fair offer without ever setting foot inside the house.

Yeah… Not likely!

Trust us, they will not err in your favor. These offers are probably inflated offers to get you to stop looking elsewhere, they will then have you sign a contract and then after the contract is signed they will try to lower the offer using the results of an inspection. Don’t Fall For That!

But enough about doing it the wrong way. Let us show you the right way!

How We Make Our Offers To Buy Your NC Home

Never “LowBall” Offers!

It’s In Our Best Interest To Give You Our Highest Possible Offer

Often “We Buy Houses” Companies will try hard to get you the lowest possible offer, to make the most possible money per contract signed. That certainly is one way of doing business, but to us this doesn’t make much sense. See, we spend time, effort, and money providing our services to you that are free of charge. If we do not get our offers accepted, all of that effort and time would be wasted on a useless offer.


The way we make money, is by getting our offers accepted, period. And for us to get our offers accepted, they need to be fair offers.  We truly do our best to give you the highest possible offer we can give. Now you know why we have such raving reviews! 🙂

Our Offers Are Based On Your Home’s “After Repair Market Value”!

This simply means, we look at what the value of your home would be, completely fixed up. Based on this value we will formulate our offer to you!

How Exactly?

How Do I Sell My CT House 1Well, imagine you have a house that you want to sell, much like the owners of the house pictured below we just bought in cash.

How Do I Sell My CT House 2Now, imagine your neighbor, across the street has the exact identical house as yours, he made a few upgrades ( granite counter-tops, new paint, removed wallpaper, and put hardwood floors in).

How Do I Sell My CT House 3Now Imagine he sold his house for $180K.

What Do We Know Now?

Well, we would know, that If we make similar upgrades to your home (bringing your house to a very similar condition), we should also be able to sell your house for $180K.


We know the Market value of your house fixed it up ($180K in this case), and because we know what repairs it needs we can easily find out what these repairs will cost.

We can now make an offer that works for us. If this offer also works for you, great we close and you get your money at closing!


Your Offer:

Math lovers, will appreciate this section. We have no issues sharing with you how exactly we formulate our offers.

[Your Offer] =  [After Repair Value] – [Cost Of Repairs] – [Our Selling Costs] – [Our Minimum Profit]

But in order for you to understand this we need to define some terms.

After Repair Value (ARV): This is the market value of your property AFTER we buy and renovate the house. Yup we are just like your favorite HGTV home flipping show.

Cost Of Repairs (COR): This is what it will cost us to bring your house to the exact same condition of all the other houses that have been recently sold in your area, AFTER we purchase it from you.

Our Selling Costs: We indeed do not involve agents when we buy your house in cash. We on the other hand, have to use an agent to sell that house again AFTER we have purchased it from you and fixed it up. So we have to pay agent fees, closing costs, taxes, holding costs etc. These are all the fees you do NOT have to pay, if you sell your house directly to us ;). This is usually 10% all together of selling price. (Our Selling Cost = 10% x ARV)

Our Minimum Profit: As this IS a business, we do have to make a profit. We wouldn’t be able to stay in business, buy more houses, pay contractors, plumbers etc, if we didn’t. However, we keep this to an absolute minimum so we can present you with the highest possible offer. See, our business model is structured around making many deals with a little profit per deal, and not a few deals with a huge profit per deal. This benefits all.

English Please!!


So what does all this mean? Simply this:

The market value of the house (after we fix it up), minus ALL our costs fixing it up (including our profits), will be the offer. That wasn’t too bad was it? Congrats, now you are an expert!  Now let’s go through an actual example.

A Case Study

Let’s take an actual house we recently bought and share with you how we formulated their offer. Let’s say this is your house in its current condition:

How Do I Sell My House In CT Fast For Cash

The house could use a bit of updating but not too shabby.

Now remember your neighbor with the exact same house as yours? He got a new roof, updated the kitchen and bathrooms, put granite in, removed carpets and put in hardwood flooring? Well, this is what his house looks like after he did the changes:

We Buy Connecticut Houses Cash


Well, no wonder he sold it for $180K, it is gorgeous! WOW!

In order for us to also be able to sell your house (well, our house after we buy it from you) for $180K, we need to bring your house to the same condition as the house of your neighbor, so that we can also sell it for $180K!


Well, we wouldn’t be able to sell the house in its current state for $180K when all the other houses that are currently for sale in your area look as gorgeous as your neighbor’s. Would you buy a house in lesser condition for $180K when a much nicer house sells for the same price? No, of course not!

Then an obvious question, would be:

OK, well, if my house after it is completely fixed and updated would sell for $180K, how much would it sell for as is? Let’s say you contacted an agent and she/he says, that your house in its current condition is worth $115K.

Now you have contacted the most awesome, friendly, amazing, highest ranking house buyers in all of NC… (us.. of course)! If you have not,… well, shame on you, you really should!

We would come in, with our contractor and if we can, our agent. (We bring our contractor and our agent to the walkthrough, so that our agent tells our contractor what needs to be fixed (as he/she knows what buyers are currently looking for) and what does not need to be fixed (to save on the cost of repairs)).

Our agent: tells us (and our contractor), that we need granite countertops, because the neighbor across the fence that sold his house for $180K, also has granite, as well as hardwood floors, removing wallpaper, installing new appliances etc.

Our contractor: gives us an accurate COR (Cost Of Repairs). The more accurate these numbers the more accurate (and the higher) your offer will be! Let’s say our contractor gives us a cost of repairs of $45K

Now we are ready to make you an offer!

Here are the numbers:

As-Is Value = $115K

ARV (After Repair Value) = $180K

COR (Cost Of Repairs) = $45K

Our Selling Cost = 10% x $180K = $18K 

Let’s say Our Minimum Profit For This Purchase = $25K

[Your Offer] =  [ARV] – [COR] – [Our Selling Costs] – [Our Minimum Profit]

Your Offer = $180K – $45K – $18K – $25K = $92K

Your Offer = $92K

Analyzing The Offer

So, the house is worth $115K as is,  meaning if you listed it with an agent you could sell it for $115K. Yet after 6% agent fees and closing costs you would probably get about $105K for it, after it will be on the market for 4? 5? months! And no one can guarantee the house will actually sell.

So now you have to make a decision.

Sell it for a guaranteed sale for $92K in as little as 10-20 days, or a “maybe sale” for $105K hopefully within 4 to 5 months.

~Decisions, decisions..


What If The Cost Of Repairs Was $20K Instead Of $45K?

Now things get interesting! Now the offer becomes:

As-Is Value = $115K

ARV (After Repair Value) = $180K

COR (Cost Of Repairs) = $20K

Our Selling Cost = 10% x $180K = $18K 

Let’s say Our Minimum Profit For This Purchase = $25K

[Your Offer] =  [After Repair Value] – [Cost Of Repairs] – [Our Selling Costs] – [Our Minimum Profit]

Your Offer = $180K – $20K -$18K – $25K = $117K

Yup! That is MORE than what the house is currently worth, and $12,000 more than what you would get if you had listed it with an agent (remember that you would only get $105K after all listing and agent fees).  Again, our offers are based on the numbers, not on how desperate you are to sell.


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